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What is PEEK's future in the automotive world?


What is PEEK's future in the automotive world?

2019-04-09 12:44

PEEK is one of the most high-temperature engineering plastics, and PEEK is also one of the plastics with the best comprehensive performance: excellent high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, low creep resistance, high-temperature water vapor resistance and excellent electrical properties.

PEEK polyether ether ketone is widely used in aerospace industry, medical industry, electronics industry, various mechanical equipment industry and automobile industry due to its excellent comprehensive performance.

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reducing the weight of cars has become a priority. There is a growing demand for lightweight, high strength and excellent fluidity in the manufacture of high-temperature materials, which are smaller in size and more reliable in performance. PEEK is widely used in the automotive industry due to its excellent mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance to automotive working fluids, as well as good wear resistance.

At present, some high-end automobile manufacturers, such as BMW and Audi, have begun to subvert the traditional thinking and adopt new materials such as the high-performance PEEK and exquisite technology technology for the research, development and design of new car models.

The application of new materials in the domestic automobile industry is still in the initial stage, so it is urgent to keep up with the international market situation. Some material manufacturers are also actively seeking superior solutions to make cars lighter and greener.

As an advanced engineering plastic, PEEK plays an important role in reducing weight, effectively prolonging the service life of components, optimizing the utilization of components and other aspects due to its good mechanical processing property, flame retardant, non-toxic, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., but it has not been widely known and applied yet. Due to the lack of in-depth understanding and understanding of PEEK, many customers do not know which auto parts PEEK products can replace.

PEEK polyetherether ketone has the following main applications in the automobile industry:

PEEK polyetherether ketone seal ring and thrust washer for sealing automobile gearbox and clutch;

PEEK polyether ether ketone worm wheel is mainly used in adjusting device of car seat;

PEEK polyetherether ketone vacuum pump rotary plate, mainly used in the automotive power brake system;

PEEK polyether ether ketone ABS convex son and ABS spvalve core, mainly used for automotive brake system;

PEEK polyether ketone bushing and sliding bearing, mainly used for automobile rocker motor, windscreen scraper motor and skylight motor;

PEEK polyether ether ketone limit nail and limit gasket, mainly used in the automobile window rocker motor, windscreen motor and skylight motor;

PEEK sealing ring is mainly used for sealing automobile compressor;

PEEK PEEK ether ether ketone pump gear, PEEK ether ether ketone balance gear, PEEK ether ether ketone gear, mainly used in engine parts and suspension system.

Advantages of PEEK in the automotive industry:

1, heat and strength is much higher than the traditional plastic, the highest temperature 260℃;

2. PEEK has a tensile strength of up to 224Mpa after fiber reinforcement, which is equivalent to aluminum alloy;

3. Meet vehicle lightweight, energy and environmental protection issues, and new safety standards;

4. Excellent mechanical properties at high temperature and can be kept stable;

5, with outstanding mechanical strength, impact resistance and wear resistance, can greatly improve the service life of parts;

6. Excellent chemical resistance, excellent tolerance to all automotive liquids, and excellent tolerance to acid, alkali, inorganic and organic chemicals even at high temperatures;

7. Excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion coefficient, which can meet the strict tolerance requirements of parts.


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